Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas Diving, North of Bali (II)

Some photos taken before, in between or after the dives ... in the cloudy days!

PJ in the morning

babi guling wanna be - PJ

Labuan Lalang pier. 

Labuan Lalang. These boats will take you to Menjangan island.

Boat man, not ours though.

Menjangan Island

Our boat

Little bird in Menjangan

Temple @ PJ

Secret Bay (Gilimanuk) in the morning

Christmas Diving, North of Bali (1)

2010 was a busy year for me, not much diving trips I had :-(  So when we made this trip really happened, I was so happy! I dived with Frieda, Chris and Russ, small group but great one! Our guide was Today from Aqua Cat Bali.

We dived at Menjangan for the first 2 days then Puri Jati and Secret Bay on the last day.
Last time I dived at Menjangan was 3 years ago. Surprisingly both hard and soft corals at the safety stops still amaze me. No wonder we saw lots of snorkelers in Pos 2 (Fav place to dive and snorkel). What I missed were the abundant of anthias and the nudibranch :-(

PJ and Secret Bay are for macro. We missed the mimic octopus and vis were really bad, not many stuff we met, but its still good dives! Every dive is a good one for me :-)

Enjoy the photos;

Garden Eel - Menjangan

Goby - Menjangan

Anemone Clown Fish - Menjangan

Big Rose Underwater - Menjangan Pos2

Puffer fish - PJ

Lion fish - PJ

Now I believe, there are Banggai in Secret Bay ^^

Squids eggs at Secret Bay, below the exit point