Monday, February 21, 2011

A little walk to Gunung Pancar

Last Saturday, we did a little walk to Gunung Pancar. Last time I hiked at Gunung Pancar was August 2009, before the Nepal trip. This time we did in a big group! From 2 people then 4 people then grow-up to 10 people, the more the merrier! Eddy still be our guide. A bit lost and found and lots of photo sessions :-) We walked about 3 hours starting at 10:30am, up and down the hills. Weather was great, too hot for me though.

Gunung Pancar is about 30 - 45 minutes drive from Jakarta, depends on the traffic and how fast you drive :-)
But it's easy to get there. The trek we did on Saturday was the easy one, not as steep as Cisadon , but the view was awesome! We can see many faces of Gunung Pancar; from savana, kebun singkong, pine forest and the paddy field. We also pass by a small village.
Please bring your own snack, lots of water, lunch pack and sunblock. We plan to have lunch at Giri Tirta ( a hot spring spa around that area), but their services was really disappointed. Sentul City has lots places to have lunch though.

Some pictures from the walked;


harijadi said...

he he he adri gimana jalan gunung pancar
udah pernah ke desa cisadon ngk yah
dari pondok pemburu

harijadi said...

mau nanya udah coba ke pondok pemburu ke desa cisadon thks

Adri said...

serrriinnng ^^ biasa dari rumah pemburu kita jalan terus sampe rumah Pak RT. Blum ada posting di sini yah? hehe nanti deh.. tp kalo mau liat photo, di FB ada.

Km juga suka ke sana yah?