Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas Diving, North of Bali (1)

2010 was a busy year for me, not much diving trips I had :-(  So when we made this trip really happened, I was so happy! I dived with Frieda, Chris and Russ, small group but great one! Our guide was Today from Aqua Cat Bali.

We dived at Menjangan for the first 2 days then Puri Jati and Secret Bay on the last day.
Last time I dived at Menjangan was 3 years ago. Surprisingly both hard and soft corals at the safety stops still amaze me. No wonder we saw lots of snorkelers in Pos 2 (Fav place to dive and snorkel). What I missed were the abundant of anthias and the nudibranch :-(

PJ and Secret Bay are for macro. We missed the mimic octopus and vis were really bad, not many stuff we met, but its still good dives! Every dive is a good one for me :-)

Enjoy the photos;

Garden Eel - Menjangan

Goby - Menjangan

Anemone Clown Fish - Menjangan

Big Rose Underwater - Menjangan Pos2

Puffer fish - PJ

Lion fish - PJ

Now I believe, there are Banggai in Secret Bay ^^

Squids eggs at Secret Bay, below the exit point


Chris said...

Great shots! I particularly like the clownfish and the Garden eels - so hard to sneak up on them :)

Adri said...

Thank you Chris, I'll send you kenari :-)

Gina T.Wirianta said...

Adri... Love to read your blog and to see the always good shots. Great dive trip!

Adri said...

Thank you Gina! Wish I can join Ambon trip!