Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The colorful nudibranch

One of my fav critter when go diving, nudibranch! They are so colorful and so cute! Actually the color is a warning to their predators that they are taste bad and contain toxins.

Mating seasons. The yellow ribbons are their eggs. Sangiang

Chromodoris bla bla.. Komodo

When taking this picture, I didnt realise she was laying eggs... look at the small yellow ribbon

Solar Nudi. Alor

Medusa. Pulau Sepa.

Reticulidia Halgerda. Komodo

Pajama. Donggala, Palu

Sunday, November 14, 2010

China Highlight - Hangzhou

We love Hangzhou! Saw blue skies when we arrived Hangzhou. Its help my eyes after spent 5 days in Beijing and 2 days in Xi'an. Booked the hotel @ the airport, the girl was so helpful! Stayed near the West Lake. Found a nice resto near the hotel for lunch. Not expensive and food were nice!! and ofcourse we went there again for dinner :-)

We just walked around the lake, its BIG! Seen the Heaven on Earth show at 9am, beautiful performance, love it! 


China Highlight - Xi'an

We took morning flight from Beijing to Xi'an and the flight was delayed for more than 2 hours. No surprise though! I sat with other group of Indonesian on the plane, feel at home :-)

Be careful with taxi driver in Xi'an. I was sure that our taxi driver not that honest, he took us round and round the city, we paid almost RMB200 to the hotel, better take public bus!

Xi'an is only for the terracotta warrior and the muslim quarter, I don't like the city :-(

Drum Tower

The Terracotta Warrior

The Bell tower from in front of our hotel

China Highlight - Beijing

In early September, I went to China with my parents and sister. None of us speak Mandarin, but we survive! We started the trip from Beijing. 5 days in Beijing was not enough, coz Beijing is BIG!

Transport in Beijing consider tourist friendly, we took subway all the way. We avoiding taxi, coz none of us speak Mandarin when the taxi drivers only speak and read Mandarin :-)
But well, most of tourist attractions can be reached by subway and the cost is RMB2 to every destination. Unless to go to the Great Wall, we rent car from hotel.

Usually in every trip I love to try local/street food, but not this time. And we didn't go to the famous peking duck, but we found a nice Japanese resto next to our hotel in hutong area :-) Oh the resto next to Lama Temple also nice, they have the picture on the menu (very important for us) and the manager speak English well.

Mutianyu Great Wall. 2 hours drive from Beijing, lucky that we did not meet lots of tourist group. 

Temple of heaven park, on Sunday morning.

I wanna see Panda, so we went to Beijing Zoo ^^

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Baluran - a nice escape!

On our way to Bali from Bromo, we stop at Baluran National Park, about 30 minutes before Ketapang ferry terminal. We stayed there for one night only.

From the entry gate we took ojeg, its about 15.5km and we paid 35k rups, not bad! And we saw some peacoks flying!!

We stayed at the villa by the beach. We arrived about sunset time. Nothing much we could do but sat and enjoy the breeze of the sea before had Indomie rebus as our dinner ^^. The next morning, we had a beautiful sunrise! Did a morning walk, but I missed Lalan and Lia and decided to turn back. Saw school of wild deers on the way back and lots of monkey, if you like bird watching they have a diff path. Great escape!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Bromo - Catching the sunrise!

Went to Bromo in early August.

It was Wed morning, we're glad that Lia finally able to join us. We met at Adisucipto airport (Jogja) then took Lion Air to Surabaya. From Juanda airport we took Damri to Bungurasih terminal (bus station), then took aircon bus to Probolinggo. Slept all the way, and missed to see Lapindo :-(

We arrived Probolinggo terminal about lunch time, very quiet. It was fasting month, but some warung still open and we could have our lunch. I had nasi pecel, not as good as Lalan & Lia's soto.

While we were waiting for the small bus to Cemara Lawang,  French couple asked whether we want to share the cost to charter a car. Why not? Only paid additional 25k rups and we could arrive Cemara lawang earlier.

FYI, the people in the terminal always said that no more room up there and offered us other hotel/guesthouse who ofcourse had a biz link with them. Don't trust them easily, even when the big hotel like Bromo Permai, Lavaview Lodge or Cemara Indah already fully booked, lots of homestay in Cemara Lawang. That what we did, looking for homestay but the French couple stayed at Yoshi (the hotel recommend by the agent in terminal).

Why we prefer to say in Cemara Lawang? View is amazing! and in the morning, no need to wake up at 3pm to catch the sunrise. You can sleep one more hour, since its already close to Pananjakan, the beautiful place to catch the sunrise.

We were very lucky to have a clear sky that morning! I was a bit struggle to find the good place to take photo though. 75% of tourist were speaking in French, make me wonder, were we really in Bromo?

Some photo from Bromo, enjoy!

morning preview

Above the cloud

Sunrise @ Pananjakan

Indomie seleraku..

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Back to Cisadon

Sunday, 30 May 2010

Its been awhile I never did hiking, maybe last time was before the Nepal trip (Sep 09). So when three of us (Frieda, Dewi and myself) in town and had nothing to do during the longweekend, we decided to hike at Cisadon and revisit Pak RT & his family. Eddie and Yusuf still be our guide. New hiker was Jonathan, Frieda's cousin.

6 of us walked up up then down downl for about 5 hours. We shared our lunch (pasta salad cooked by Jonathan, thank you Jonathan!) with Pak RT's family and were surprised that they still remembered us very well.

It was good to back to Cisadon again. Next time maybe we should stay overnight in the hunting hut so we can start early and walk further up to the hill.

Team Work!

Love her smile!

Our little guide, Yusuf

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Dieng Plateau

No, it wasn't a diving trip. We didn't dive this time, but went to the volcano complex @2093 above sea level, where 'bintang' served in room temperature and 'indomie rebus' sold more expensive than 'nasi goreng special pake telor'.

Dieng Plateau located in Central Java, about 4 hours drive from Jogja. Wonosobo is the nearest city, most people stay in Wonosobo for better accommodation, but I recommend you to stay at Dieng. We stayed at Gunung Mas, near the Arjuna Complex. Very basic, but clean and staff are friendly (they charge you for hot shower though). Ibu Jono is the most popular homestay according to the travel guide book,but I think Gunung Mas is nicer and cleaner.

Came at rainy seasons was not fun, we missed the sunrise, and caught by rain during the day. But still, Dieng is pretty! Some pictures from the trip.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Close encounters with the Mantas

70minutes diving with 6 mantas at Black Bird - Raja Ampat, West Papua, Indonesia. Never been so close with the manta! They are playing around us, soooo close!

p.s. those photos taken by my pocket camera, canon G10 without external strobe. desperately need external strobe :-(