Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Bromo - Catching the sunrise!

Went to Bromo in early August.

It was Wed morning, we're glad that Lia finally able to join us. We met at Adisucipto airport (Jogja) then took Lion Air to Surabaya. From Juanda airport we took Damri to Bungurasih terminal (bus station), then took aircon bus to Probolinggo. Slept all the way, and missed to see Lapindo :-(

We arrived Probolinggo terminal about lunch time, very quiet. It was fasting month, but some warung still open and we could have our lunch. I had nasi pecel, not as good as Lalan & Lia's soto.

While we were waiting for the small bus to Cemara Lawang,  French couple asked whether we want to share the cost to charter a car. Why not? Only paid additional 25k rups and we could arrive Cemara lawang earlier.

FYI, the people in the terminal always said that no more room up there and offered us other hotel/guesthouse who ofcourse had a biz link with them. Don't trust them easily, even when the big hotel like Bromo Permai, Lavaview Lodge or Cemara Indah already fully booked, lots of homestay in Cemara Lawang. That what we did, looking for homestay but the French couple stayed at Yoshi (the hotel recommend by the agent in terminal).

Why we prefer to say in Cemara Lawang? View is amazing! and in the morning, no need to wake up at 3pm to catch the sunrise. You can sleep one more hour, since its already close to Pananjakan, the beautiful place to catch the sunrise.

We were very lucky to have a clear sky that morning! I was a bit struggle to find the good place to take photo though. 75% of tourist were speaking in French, make me wonder, were we really in Bromo?

Some photo from Bromo, enjoy!

morning preview

Above the cloud

Sunrise @ Pananjakan

Indomie seleraku..

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