Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The colorful nudibranch

One of my fav critter when go diving, nudibranch! They are so colorful and so cute! Actually the color is a warning to their predators that they are taste bad and contain toxins.

Mating seasons. The yellow ribbons are their eggs. Sangiang

Chromodoris bla bla.. Komodo

When taking this picture, I didnt realise she was laying eggs... look at the small yellow ribbon

Solar Nudi. Alor

Medusa. Pulau Sepa.

Reticulidia Halgerda. Komodo

Pajama. Donggala, Palu


Daniel N. said...

Wow Adri, I haven't seen these photos! They are great!

I love the vivid colors. Thanks for sharing! (I miss snorkeling).

Adri said...

Thank you Dan. I love nudi coz they are so colorful! Hey, you should go diving, I believe lots of pretty nudi in Thailand underwater!