Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Finding Nemo!

If you ask me why I learn scuba dive, I'll simply reply that fish is my sign. But the truth is because of 'Finding Nemo" :-) I took an open water course in June 2004, a year after I saw the movie :-) And up until now, am still exciting when find nemo during my dives. You never feel bored with nemo! Usually, we can find nemo in the shallow water (5m - 10m) or during the safety stop. Their bright-orange-color are very eye-catching. But its not easy to take picture of nemo (for me). They never stay still, keep moving with lots of energy!

One of the interesting fact about nemo or false clown anemone fish is: they have ability to change their sex from male to female. In one anemone there will be a dominant female and when this female dies then a dominant male will change sex and replaced the position.

My NEMO pictures from various diving trips;

Taken in Donggala, Palu

Same site as number 1

Taken in Raja Ampat, forgot the name of the site

From my recent dive in Menjangan
When its too difficult to take a picture, I take the video instead :-)

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