Sunday, February 20, 2011

I Love Manta!!

On April 2007 I went to Derawan looking for manta ray. 5 days LOB with Sea Safari III, we only saw the invisible manta! "No luck", "No Manta", "Manta, where are you?", those what I wrote in my logbook. But eventhough we have no luck with the manta, the barracuda at Maratua Channel was stunning! That was the highlight of our trip, not the invisible manta!

First time I saw manta was on October 2007, when we dive with Grand Komodo in Raja Ampat. We dive in a slope, 12m depth, the site named as Manta Point. After waiting for couple min, we saw what we're waiting for. Finally I saw manta!! So big and swam gracefully. Looks like they were flying or dancing for me and I fell in love with manta :-)

In June 2008, we dive to KomodoWe saw 6 mantas at Manta Alley, but there were current and surge :-( The enjoyable dive with manta was at Tatawa Kecil. Only saw 2 mantas but the mantas were more friendly, they swam closer to us, so close! It was long and enjoyable dive.

@ Manta Alley, Komodo

@Tatawa Kecil, Komodo

in June 2009, I dive at Manta Point, Nusa Penida, Bali, where you can see manta all year around. But when we dive there, there were lots of divers and viz was not that good (maybe because of the plankton). And the worst was two divers with big cameras chased the manta away :-(

In January 2010, again I went to Raja Ampat. We met 6 mantas at Black Bird, dive about 70 min. On the last 10min, it were only me, my buddy, our lovely guide, Noak, and the mantas! After that dive, my love with manta became deeper:-) Some pictures of mantas here Close encounters with the Mantas.

And here is the video of 4 mantas playing around us.

I really hope I can dive with lots of mantas very soon!


julien said...

Hello Adri!

I love Mantas too!!! The first one I saw was at Lighthouse in Komodo National Park, then Manta Point in Nusa Penida and the best ones were in Raja Ampat at Manta Sandy at Manta Slope. It was just so great! I want so much to go to Derawan... I have been living for 3 years in Jakarta and have been diving all around Indonesia, I love so much this country! I created a website about diving in South East Asia: . The aim is to get useful information about diving destinations. Please let me know what you think about the Indonesia page as you are a specialist! . If you know quite well a diving destination that is not yet on the website I would be happy to publish a review on it with a link to your blog. For example I saw that you dived in Alor or also Derawan. Let me know if you are interested. It would be also really kind if you can put a link to my website ;-). Thanks a lot for your help.

Adri said...

Hi Julien,

Thank you for stopping by. You have a great web, found it very informative! Am happy to share my trip with you, let me know how to do it. Cheers

julien said...

Adri thanks a lot for your answer, can you give me your email so I can write to you? Mine is julien.huc at . Terima kasih!