Monday, September 14, 2009

3rd Training Session, Hot Spring, Cibodas

It was our last training sessions before the D-Day! We will fly to Kathmandu on this coming Wed, Sep 16! This time we hiked in Cibodas National Park. Located in Puncak Area, not so far from Puncak Pass, about 1:30 minutes drive from Jakarta. We started a bit late, arrived there about 10:30am. Our destination is the hot spring at 2100 meter height and we managed to go there! The bapak in the parking area said that it took 3 hours to go up and 2 hours to go down, but we ended walking about 6 hours! No surprise though :-) Me and Dewi stopped many times to take pictures and to take a rest of course :-)
Cibodas is a nice place to hike or just walk to get a fresh air. Telaga Biru is about 1 hour walk, another 30 minutes you will arrive at Cibeureum waterfall. All are based in our pace of course! I dunno how many hours to arrive at the summit :-)

Enjoy the pictures!

My buddies with the hotspring on the background

The hotspring!

Telaga Biru

Orange mushroom
Wild flower

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